David Swanson Photography uses a technique called flambient to photograph the inside of a home. This photographic technique combines Flash and Natural Light to better control color and lighting on the inside of the home. Images from this technique are sharp and look more natural and pleasing to the eye. A general rule is 1 image per 100 square feet. Properties with large backyards and extra features may require more images. Prices are based on the number of images photographed  and not the size of the property. 

Home Images

20 Images or less ~ $125

​Additional Images beyond 20 ~ $6 each

Drone Only

​Includes up to 10 images ~ $125


​Virtual Tour slide show of images ~ $50

Zillow 3D Tour starting at ~ $85

Drone Images (5-10 Images) ~ $75

​Twilight Pictures (1-5 Images) ~ $100


David Swanson Photography does not charge mileage on the first 20 miles driven to any local property. A mileage fee of $3.00 a mile driven after the first 20 miles one way will be charged to cover the extra time and gas expense that is occurred.

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