David Swanson Photography can utilize a technique called flambient to capture stunning images of your property. "Flambient" combines the best from the ambient exposure mixed with the Flash exposure for correct color density and detail. Depending on the room size, multiple flash images may be taken to obtain the highest quality image possible.

Blending Natural Light with Flash

A Virtual Tour is a fantastic way to showcase property.  A YouTube link to the video will be provided.  You can use the link on any website or social media site for potential clients to view.


How Your Seller can Prepare the House for Photos

It is our responsibility to educate the seller how to make their home the best it can be both for photos and for showing.  Most sellers are happy to help in any way they can.  We simply need to explain what needs to be done.  Beyond the normal cleaning and putting away the seller needs to remove as much personal property as possible.  I have prepared an instruction sheet for the seller.  You can view, download and print the PDF document.

Attract clients to your listings by showcasing each property with Professional Images, Drone Photography and Virtual Tours.  First impressions are important for a potential sale.  Professionally captured images will not only bring in new clients, they will represent the level of professionalism and custom care you provide to all your clients.

Sell Faster  ~  Increased Value  ~  Happy Clients

Contact David Swanson

Text or Voice 909-938-4744

Simple Philosophy:

  • Make every property listing look the best that it can while                                                                                  still maintaining a realistic look.
  • Avoid over saturated and cartoon looking images.
  • Find the best vantage points and angles to photograph from.
  • Process the images to create perfectly cropped, straightened,                                                                                sharpened, and colorized images.
  • Beautiful images make any property, large or small, highly desirable.
  • Images are stored via Google Drive and a link is sent by email usually                                                                                the same day and are suitable for MLS, Web or Print use.

Sky Swaps:
Gray overcast days are no problem for David Swanson Photography. Be assured of getting great images no matter what the condition is! Sky Swaps are a $25 add-on that will greatly improve the look of each property.

Drone Photography:
Capture images using aerial photography by drone to give a birds eye view of the property. These images can enhance your listing and provide your customers a more detailed perspective of the property. David Swanson is a certified FAA drone pilot!